Local Love

We're Asking Our Community to Support Local Now More Than Ever

Friends, we get it, everyone is struggling right now – we’re all struggling to do the best thing for ourselves, for our families. How could any of us have prepared for something like this?😪

Our local businesses are struggling too. 💔They’re trying to tackle the biggest crisis they have ever faced. This isn’t a post-hurricane period that lasts a question of days, at most a week or two. When they risked it all to open their businesses, they knew they’d have to weather some storms, but they could have never foreseen this. They’re not just trying to put food on their own tables, they’re also employers. That responsibility to also put food on the tables of their employees is keeping them up at night.

When our local businesses have encountered challenging times in the past, it’s been much easier for us to provide you with suggestions on how to support them. Right now, because of social distancing, we can’t encourage you to rush in to their shops, restaurants, etc. and wrap your arms around them – at least physically. We’re not going to suggest you do anything grand. Again, we get it, you may not have extra cash to spend. ➡️Here’s all we’re going to ask you to do: ⬅️

  • Think of your favorite local business. Think of that one business you couldn’t live without when this is all over.

  • Figure out a way, within your budget/means, you can provide them with a little more of your local love: If you're going to order something from Amazon, and they carry a similar item, order from them directly online.

  • 👉🏽Buy their gift cards.👈🏼

  • If it’s a restaurant, order take-out or via Uber Eats, which is waiving delivery fees for independent restaurants.

  • Jump on Google, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc. and leave them glowing reviews.

  • Know that our local non-profits are hurting too. Many have had to cancel their main fundraising event/s. Donate to them directly online.

We may not know what the next few weeks will be like. Here’s what we DO know: Our community is special and supporting our community is NOT canceled. The City of St. Petersburg’s spirit is strong and it is NOT canceled. Our local love is NOT canceled.❣️

Please help to Keep Saint Petersburg Local. Now. More. Than. Ever. Let’s do everything we can to help our local businesses survive. 💪🏾

We will soon be able to gather together and celebrate all things St. Pete, and all things local. It’ll be that much sweeter because we’ll appreciate all that we’ve missed about them, and each other. Let’s make sure our local businesses and non-profits have made it through to celebrate with us, and receive that showering of our local love! 😎❤️

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