BYOBaby Flow with Abby

August 25, 2019 11 am – 12 :15 pm

The Body Electric Yoga Co.


In a perfect world, you could bring your infant to yoga class, plop them on a blanket by your mat and they would coo lovingly alongside you while you get your flow on. Well... For one day at least, let's make this dream come true! Calling all parentals: dedicate some time to yourself without having to call the babysitter. Join Abby for BYOBaby and Flow: a session for folks and babes, with a mix of baby-wearing, baby-chilling and yoga-flowing all in one. Class structure is loose, so you're free to get up and move around as needed. No one expects class to be perfectly quiet, so squeaks and cries are the new norm! Bring your mat and diaper bag. Mamas/papas/guardians welcome. Appropriate for wearable babies, crawlers, and early-walkers.

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