InVision Cafe

275 16th St N, 33705 (View Map)

(727) 323-1803

InVision Creative Café is a new kind of experience that gives young entrepreneurs and innovative minds a place to create something new. As one of the most unique venues in St. Pete, InVision is also the first of its kind; combining the community and creativity of a coworking space with the comfort and ambience of a modern café.

Whether you’re looking for a productive space to get some work done, or a place to meet a community of like-minded artists and entrepreneurs, InVision has something for everyone. Joining elements of a New York loft such as modern furniture, upcycled desks and open space with the artistic design of steampunk-inspired lights, local art, and unique vintage decor - InVision is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Unlike other cafés, InVision gives guests the option to work from professional workstations - complete with dual monitors, noise canceling headphones, ergonomic task chairs, digital drawing tablets, full spectrum energy lamps and a suite of software and tools that might otherwise be unobtainable. Maybe you have a great idea, but don’t have the resources to turn your vision into reality. InVision makes it possible.

Artists & Craftsmen, Art Studios, Performing Arts, Eating & Drinking, Artisanal/Specialty Food & Drink Products, Coffee/Tea/Juice/Other Beverages, Service Providers, Recording Studios

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