Duncan McClellan Gallery

2342 Emerson Avenue South, 33712 (View Map)

(813) 760-6600


Main Gallery
We are your locally grown, internationally known glass gallery, featuring over fifty world famous glass artists, right here in Stephen Rolfe Powell at Duncan McClellan Glass Jacob Stout and Mariel Bass working in the Hot Shop
With his signature combination of internal graal and overlay techniques, Duncan McClellan’s glass works are in demand with galleries and collectors the world over. The processes used in his one-of-a-kind and series works enable glass imagery to come to life!

While Duncan is an accomplished artist, he also appreciates others’ art in a variety of media. Within his gallery, a wide variety of artists are honestly and equitably represented, both local and abroad. In efforts to expose both the local community and St. Petersburg tourists to Duncan’s represented artists, regular events are held at the Gallery every second Saturday.

The St. Petersburg arts community has experienced a renaissance in recent years. As a founding member of the Warehouse Arts District the Duncan McClellan Gallery is helping drive the growth of this precious cultural resource in the Bay area.

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