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LevMed is an affordable monthly membership for primary care services. Whats included in that membership: Unlimited doctor visits, a comprehensive yearly physical, lab and imaging review, coordination of care with specialist and most importantly ACCESS to your physician. With LevMed you will be able to call, text, email and even facetime your physician. The premise is by not taking insurance I can be more accessible and affordable to my members because we no longer have to meet the cumbersome demands necessary to appease insurance companies (who truthfully often don't have a patients best interest at heart). While LevMed does not take insurance most members do have insurance (usually a high deductible, catastrophic plan) and realize how the investment of primary care services can prevent complications and expenses with your health. LevMed is primary care the way it should be. No more long waits, no unexpected bills, no co-pays.

LevMed is proud to join an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and small businesses in St. Pete, a city that Dr. Levine, the owner, is very passionate about. These days, with hospital groups buying primary care offices at an alarming rate there are few small business options remaining. LevMed is one of the true small business options in an industry dominated buy large corporations.

We look forward to guiding you on the journey to better health. Join today!

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